Cambridge Gurdwara


In response to the needs of the Sikh community, we have adopted a new consensus based Sevadaar trustee structure, a revised constitution involving time-limited trustees, and have established the first permanent Gurdwara in Cambridgeshire.


The aims of the Gurdwara Management Committee are to;

  • act as a focal point for the Sikh community in Cambridge
  • ensure that the Gurdwara and Sikh Centre conducts its programme of activities fully in line with established Sikh protocols
  • engage the local Sikh community including students, professionals and the wider local community in order to capture the forward needs of the Sangat and communicate progress as the Gurdwara’s activities develop.
  • engage with local Government, Institutions, and other Community Groups, to enlist community support for securing funding support for projects.
  • raise funds from both the local Sikh community and its friends, and the wider Sikh population in the UK and abroad
  • develop links with University Sikh alumni to support the project and inspire the next generations of Sikhs
  • develop a robust and professional financial plan that delivers the vision, making optimum use of potential grant funding, attractive finance and tax efficiency options


The main objectives to support the broad aims set out above are:

  • a fully functional Gurdwara that will hold regular daily and weekly events in accordance with the established Sikh protocols (Rehat Marayada)
  •  to hold major Sikh community religious events commemorating the Sikh Gurpurbs,  and Sikh festivals in the Sikh calendar
  • provide education and opportunities for scholarship on the Sikh language and script (Gurmuki), recitation of the Sikh hymns and  music (Shabad Gurbani), and studies on its scripture, ethics, customs and traditions
  • to provide resources and programmes that support research, education and teaching on Sikh history
  • provide resources and a natural meeting point for both the younger Sikh generation and for elderly Sikh citizens to explore their faith and culture, and provide tailored support for their specific needs
  • to organize social, sports and cultural events particularly those relevant to the Sikh community and in accordance with the Khalsa traditions of the brotherhood of man and the equality of all
  • to establish a community centre which offers support in terms of food, shelter, and companionship to those who need it.

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